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PCC Learning: Empowering Individuals, Building Inclusive Cultures

As engagement, learning and coaching specialists, our mission is build inclusive workplace and learning cultures where everyone can thrive and have a voice.

We have experienced and observed first-hand the barriers many people face in thriving in work and learning and in getting an equal voice in decision making. Many people in the UK face these issues day to day. This includes disabled and neurodivergent individuals who represent a sizeable proportion of the population (around 20%) and yet often face environments, processes and attitudes that present them with unnecessary challenges.

Why is this important? Why promote inclusion?

The moral case aside, ignoring the talents, skills and capacity of 10-13 million people seems foolish, particularly when the benefits of supporting them are so clear. These benefits include:

Healthy individuals with positive wellbeing are better able to bring their best selves to work, learning and life in general. Inclusive cultures that support this reap these benefits.

Inclusivity breeds a culture of innovation, unlocks untapped potential and fosters creativity, leading to enhanced productivity.

By embracing inclusivity, employers and learning providers not only build a positive reputation but also tap into a broader talent pool, attracting new applicants. 

Implementing inclusive practice creates a sense of belonging and satisfaction among employees, leading to higher retention rates and more cohesive workplace and learning cultures.

By understanding and addressing the diverse needs of individuals, you are able to target your resources where they are most needed, ensuring efficient and impactful use of assets.

Funding is available to support individuals in the workplace and in learning. Designing simple processes to build awareness and access to funds and support, benefits individuals and organizations alike.

Embedding inclusion helps meet regulatory requirements and at the same time ensuring compliance and setting you apart from the competition.

Broadening engagement beyond the usual suspects enhances understanding and ownership and leads to more sustainable outcomes.

But isn’t this hard? The answer is No!

Often the barriers facing people in thriving at work and in learning are relatively simple to remove. And when they aren’t, there is lots of funding and advice available to address this. However, lack of time, resources, expertise or understanding often means people either do nothing or take short cuts, which leads to wasted resources and reduced impact.

PCC Learning works to solve this problem. We have seen how:

  • specialist coaching and learning support builds confidence and skills, enabling employees and learners to thrive and achieve their goals.
  • awareness raising and advice builds inclusive workplace and learning cultures and delivers business benefits, such as improved productivity, creativity and retention.
  • inclusive engagement processes reach beyond the usual suspects to ensure that you capture everyone’s voice and perspective.

How do we operate? We provide:

Coaching, strategy coaching and tutoring support for disabled and neurodivergent individuals, enabling them to thrive and bring their best selves to work and study

Consultancy and advice to assist organizations in unlocking the business benefits that disability/neuro-inclusion brings to the workplace.

Awareness-raising and coaching for leaders, managers and staff, helping to build inclusive business and learning cultures.

Practitioner support and training for teacher/trainers and mentors/performance coaches, enabling them to deliver impactful support to all learners

Support with understand how to go beyond the usual suspects to design truly inclusive engagement and consultation programs.

Turning insight into action

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