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Empowering Individuals, Building Inclusive Cultures

As engagement, learning and coaching specialists our mission is to empower individuals and build inclusive workplace and learning cultures where everyone can thrive.

We have experienced and observed first-hand the unnecessary barriers many people face in thriving in work and learning and in getting an equal voice in decision making. Many people in the UK face these issues day to day. For example, disabled and neurodivergent individuals represent a sizeable proportion of the population (around 20%) and yet they often face environments, processes and attitudes that present them with challenges. Yet many of the barriers are simple to remove. And where they aren’t, there is lots of funding and advice available to address this.

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How We Can Help

This is where we come in. PCC Learning work with individuals to understand and overcome the challenges they face in work, learning and life. We also provide organisations with the insight and support you need to unlock the business benefits that inclusion brings. We don’t just offer guidance and raise awareness; we help you take meaningful actions and to measure your impact. And where you don’t have the skills or resources, we can deliver direct support to fill the gaps.

Here's a flavour of what we offer:

Creating accessible and inclusive workplaces

Workplace strategy coaching and needs assessments for disabled and neurodivergent individuals

Awareness raising and skills development for staff, managers and other stakeholders

Self-assessment tools for businesses

Comprehensive disability/neuro-inclusion reviews and reality checks

Co-design of disability/neuro-inclusion strategies and solutions

Creating inclusive learning environments

Delivery of needs assessments and support for learners (students, apprentices and trainees).

Awareness raising and training for staff, managers and other stakeholders

Challenge days for staff groups, course teams and practitioners

Co-design of strategy and solutions

Tutor / Coach development and mentoring

Inclusive engagement

Design and delivery of inclusive consultation and engagement projects

Customer led service review

Co-design of engagement strategies

Awareness raising and skills development for staff, managers and other stakeholders

Patrick Clark

MSc, Cert Ed, CIPD, Director PCC Learning

Over the past 20 + years, I have worked in such diverse fields as education, housing, regeneration and tourism. In this time I have experienced and observed first-hand the unnecessary barriers many people face in thriving at work and learning or in getting an equal voice in decision making. I have spent much of my recent career working to remove these barriers.

I am lucky to have worked with and continue to collaborate with some incredibly talented and knowledgeable individuals and businesses who share a passion for creating inclusive cultures and empowering individuals to thrive. With their encouragement, I launched PCC Learning to provide access to the support, advice and services that make this possible. 

Full CV available on request.

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PCC Learning draws on the skills and experience of a range of trusted associates with complimentary and additional skills to our own when projects demand.

Full CVs of all associates are provided at the outset of all projects.

"Patrick is talented at quickly getting to grips with new situations and effectively identifying what is required. He builds an excellent rapport with all stakeholders and has the ability and energy to drive forward important strategic priorities.”
Claire Morgan
Age Cymru

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